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2 Reasons Why Jasprit Bumrah Can Match James Anderson’s Record Of 700 Test Wickets – James Anderson, the absolute master with the red cherry in hand, went on to scalp his 700th test wicket in the fifth test match against India in Dharamshala. This was one of the positive and happy points for England in an otherwise bitter series. England have lost the series by a margin of 4-1. However, here we talk about the longevity and class of James Anderson. An absolute master of the exponent to swing the red cherry, Anderson has troubled the best of the batters in his test career.

At the age of 42, when pacers are long retired, the young man is still bowling his heart out and even troubling batters with reverse swing on placid Indian wickets. Having played 187 test matches to date, he has picked up 700 wickets at an average of 26.53. This tells you about the class and calibre of a pacer, which we may not get for a long time in test cricket.

2 Reasons Why Jasprit Bumrah Can Match James Anderson’s Record Of 700 Test Wickets:

However, in this article, we talk about one such bowler who can still go past the mountain of 700 test wickets, if he channels his energy and keeps himself fit for the test matches. He is none other than the Indian pace spearhead, Jasprit Bumrah. Here are the reasons why:

1. The Milestones: 156 Wickets and Beyond

With 156 test wickets under his belt at an astonishing average of 20.7, Bumrah has been sensational with the ball so far. His remarkable strike rate of 45 further shows his ability to dismantle opponents with unparalleled efficiency. These statistics not only exemplify Bumrah’s dominance but also serve as a harbinger of his potential to surpass the 700 test wickets milestone. If he can keep himself fit constantly and manage his workload in the other formats, who knows, he can definitely go past the 700-wicket mark.

2. The skills and ammunition that he possesses

Central to Bumrah’s success is his diverse repertoire of skills, which renders him a potent force across all conditions and formats. Unlike some bowlers who rely on specific conditions or singular skills, Bumrah possesses a multifaceted arsenal that puts him above his compatriots. He exudes mastery in swing bowling, seamlessly manipulating the ball through the air to deceive even the most adept of batsmen. Moreover, his ability to seam the ball with surgical precision adds another dimension to his bowling arsenal.

Bumrah’s ability to extract pace and bounce from any surface further accentuates his status as a deadly bowler. Armed with express pace, he consistently troubles batsmen with his blistering deliveries, unsettling their rhythm and forcing errors. Moreover, his innate ability to generate steep bounces adds an element of unpredictability to his bowling, making him a constant threat irrespective of the pitch conditions.

One of Bumrah’s most potent weapons is his mastery of reverse swing, a skill that often proves decisive in the latter stages of a test match. With subtle changes in grip and seam position, he can extract prodigious movement off the surface, leaving batsmen flummoxed and vulnerable. This lethal facet of his bowling arsenal adds a layer of complexity to his craft, enabling him to thrive even on docile pitches.

In moments of adversity, Bumrah unleashes his deadliest weapons: the searing yorker and the beguiling slower ball. His yorker, delivered with unerring accuracy and searing pace, has dismantled countless batting lineups, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Furthermore, his slower ball, disguised with immaculate precision, lures batsmen into false strokes, resulting in wickets at crucial junctures of the game.

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