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Former Indian captain Sunil Gavaskar criticized young Sarfaraz Khan for his dismissal in the ongoing fifth Test against England in Dharamsala. Gavaskar referred to Sir Don Bradman’s advice, suggesting that Sarfaraz should have been more cautious.

Sarfaraz Khan played a crucial role for India on Day 2 of the fifth Test against England. He contributed significantly to India’s dominant position in the match, helping them establish a substantial first-innings lead.

Sunil Gavaskar Slammed Sarfaraz Khan For His Choice Of Shot

Sarfaraz Khan took to the crease after the quick dismissals of Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill. He played cautiously at first, stabilizing India’s innings and preventing England from gaining momentum. Once he settled in, Sarfaraz unleashed his aggressive batting style, attacking the bowlers all around the field. He especially targeted Mark Wood, putting pressure on the pacer. Sarfaraz quickly reached his fifty, ensuring that India capitalized on the solid start provided by the top-order batsmen.

An Open Letter To Sarfaraz Khan - The Man Who Never Gave Up Hope

Sarfaraz Khan’s innings came to an end in an unfortunate manner after the tea break. He attempted a late cut off Shoaib Bashir’s delivery but failed to place it well, resulting in a straightforward catch to Joe Root at lone slip. Sunil Gavaskar criticized Sarfaraz’s shot selection, stating that the ball wasn’t suitable for the shot he attempted. Recalling Bradman’s words, Gavaskar said:

The ball was pitched up; it wasn’t short enough for that shot. Goes for it and pays the price. I mean you are playing the first ball after tea. Give yourself a little sighter. Don Bradman said to me ‘Every ball that I face, even if I am on 200, I think I am on 0.’ And here is [Sarfaraz] is… playing such a shot first ball of the session.” 

Sarfaraz Khan concluded his innings with a commendable 56 runs off 60 balls, featuring 8 boundaries and 1 six. This marked his third fifty-plus score in Test cricket. Notably, he had also scored half-centuries in both innings of his debut match in Rajkot.

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